School year: (September - June)

EUR 375 / month / child. Paid per semesters - i.e. EUR 1875 for September-January and EUR 1875 for February-June.

1 month or/and less

EUR 450 / month / child, if the child attends only part of the season (i.e., for the winter period)


1 week: EUR 150 / child.

1 day: EUR 60 / child


½ day: EUR 40 / child


1 lesson: EUR 15 / child (Lithuanian, English, Spanish, Theatre, Yoga, etc.)


To reserve the place for your child/children, please fill in the form.         Subscription fee - EUR 100 / child. Documents and inquiries should be addressed to e-mail: info@balticinternationalschool.com

The possibility to join school for a shorter period than 1 month will depend on the vacancies at school.  


* A 10% discount will apply if more than one child will attend the school. 


For more information, please, refer to contacts.


Lunch at school is EUR 4.5 / child / day. Children bring their own healthy snacks (please refer to Philosophy / Values for healthy snacks recommendations)

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